Firefox for Android UI Testing (Robocop) Update

[For more information on Robocop Automation, see this Mozilla Wiki entry]

Short update of where we (Mozilla QA) are at with our recent automation efforts in converting our smoke-tests to automated tests. As of this month there are now approximately forty-five available Mochitest-Robotium (Robocop) tests with approximately thirty currently enabled and running per-checkin (see example run here). Each individual test is ran (see Firefox - Tinderbox Pushlog) in-part of a growing suite of automated user-interface tests that exercise in probing and injecting various native events to the Java front-end of Firefox for Android. In-turn, these provide automation for our list of identified browser smoke-tests (manual testing). While we have steady progress henceforth, we are always looking for more interested to-be test-authors who wish to help us continue to grow our automation efforts.

Short summary on some of the blocking situations we have recently ran into and some details on their solutions:

Current work and areas we need help in

How you can help